My Life..
Lol really? How come?

I don’t know, I just did lol. You also post some cool stuff on here. I hardly use tumblr anymore so I don’t really get on to post just see what’s happening with friends and stuff.

Maybe I'm shy and feel more confident talking to you on anon

Okay, I guess that answer works. But how are you shy if you already are talking to me? Lol :P

I was unaware you followed me on here until now, lol

Yeah, I have been for a while now. Lol

Why not?

I don’t see the necessity to talk through anon. Why not just talk through your account or if I know you personally then just text me. I’m up for both, meeting new people is coo too

That is quite trivial

If this is trivial, why message me at all?..

Nothing just livin life

Das coo, why are you anon?

Hey what's up

Nothing much just getting ready for class, how about you?

Your puppy is cute as fuck

Thanks. He is a pretty good dog. I can’t wait to see him this weekend.

Drink of choice?

Redds apple ale or vodka and soda is always acceptable.

Oldie but goodie of my pup. Seems how it is #nationaldogday  this is Toby <9 weeks old.

Oldie but goodie of my pup. Seems how it is #nationaldogday this is Toby <9 weeks old.

Then, yay you can buy your own?

I wish. But I also live on a dry campus. Which won’t stop me hopefully. I really don’t need violations.

Yes yay. Unless you already drink....

I drink on the occasion. But I had older friends at my other college. Now I don’t have friends at my new college, so I don’t have a buyer lol

95 days till I’m 21. Yay?

This made me laugh way to hard.

This made me laugh way to hard.


Some of the lovely tributes to Robin.

(X, X, X and X)